The Kollel's main building and beis midrash.
The Cincinnati Community Kollel: A Jewish Learning Environment
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About the Kollel Who we are, what we do, where to find us, and how to reach us. (And what is a Kollel, anyway?) Read our 2009 Annual Report (in Adobe Acrobat format).

Program Info Browse our virtual bulletin board, find schedules for minyanim and classes, and discover learning opportunities for the whole family - men, women, teens and kids!

Jewish Resources Discover Judaism - learn about Jewish lifecycle events, brush up on your Jewish Jargon, browse our recommended reading list, or download the Kollel's own publications.

About Cincinnati Explore the city of Cincinnati and its Jewish community. Learn how to get here and what to see once you're here.

Interesting Links Our favorite Internet destinations, local and abroad. Jewish organizations, web sites, and software; news from Israel; and more.

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