The Kollel's main building and beis midrash.
The Cincinnati Community Kollel: A Jewish Learning Environment
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Photo of the Kollel building

The Cincinnati Community Kollel is located at 2241 Losantiville Avenue
in Golf Manor, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. Click here for driving directions.

Read our 2008 Annual Report, in Adobe Acrobat format.

Our Mission - What we do - What is a kollel, anyway? - Our Staff - How to contact us

To enrich the Cincinnati Jewish Community by creating an environment of Torah study and providing access to our spiritual heritage.
Since 1995, the Kollel has dedicated itself to providing Jewish learning opportunities to every part of Cincinnati's Jewish community. We offer beginner-level courses in Judaism and Jewish philosophy, as well as more advanced classes.

Although we come to venues as diverse as synagogues, office buildings, college campuses, and social halls, most of our activities take place in our main building (pictured above). There we have established a beis midrash (literally, a "house of study"), where our staff and other members of the community drink from the fountain of Torah knowledge. We like to think of them as cups being filled with wine. As the cups fill and overflow, the sweetness of Torah pours out and spreads into the community around them.

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The word "kollel" is related to the Hebrew word k'lal, which means a community or group. A kollel is a place where men (typically married) devote themselves full-time to the study of Torah. There have always been kollelim (the plural of "kollel") in major Jewish communities (New York and Jerusalem, for example).

In recent years a movement has begun in which smaller Jewish communities are opening kollelim, as well. These "community kollelim" are more than just places where young scholars can meet and study. They are community institutions that are bringing Jews of all backgrounds closer to their common heritage.

A collection of links to other community kollelim can be found in the "Links" section of our web site.
Our staff currently consists of two directors, or Roshei Kollel, four scholars-in-residence, an outreach professional, an administrator, and the spiritual leader of the Downtown Synagogue. To learn more about our staff members, past and present, check out our Staff Bios and Alumni Bios.
The easiest way to reach the Kollel is by phone:
(513) 631-1118. (If you get the voice mail, follow the prompts to hear minyan, class, and event information.)
For outreach-specific information, call our Learning Forum at (513)631-8505.
Our e-mail address is
Our fax number is (513)631-9118.
Our street address is 2241 Losantiville Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45237-4222. Click here for driving directions.
Our secure postal address is POB 37145, Cincinnati OH 45222-0145.

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