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About This Site (Technical Stuff)

THIS WEB SITE was authored, with G-d's help, by Alter Ben Tzion Raubvogel (me, that is), the Kollel Administrator. This is my first web site, and I am open to compliments, suggestions, constructive criticism, and compliments.
     This site has been hand-coded, using NotePad on a Wintel machine and TextWrangler on Mac OS X. (Note the absence of a spell chacker in NotePad. O,h well.)
     This site should display properly on monitors at least 700 pixels wide.
     I have tried VERY hard to get this site to display properly in every popular web browser. The site has been successfully test-flown on the following platforms/browsers:
    Windows (all flavors and versions):
     I've noticed one glitch when using Safari: The mouseover for the right-most tab on our header ("Links") doesn't display, even though the hyperlink works. If anyone out there has a gift for debugging HTML, please give me a holler.
     If you are using a system and/or browser not listed above, please drop me a line and tell me how well (and how fast) the pages display.
     And while we're talking about web browsers, let me give all you Windows users some unsolicited advice: Stop using Internet Explorer. Clean up your computer with SpyBot and/or AdAware and switch to another browser (see short list above). I can guarantee that your computer will remain much more stable for longer, and you'll have much less spyware and malicious cookies finding their way onto your computer.
     (Steps down from soap box.)
     This site is primarily laid out with tables.
     This site does not use frames. (I'm too lazy to learn how to use them - and frames can cause weird printouts.)
     This site contains a couple of image maps - notably, the "Direction Finder" on the driving directions page.
     This site should be fairly accessible to the visually impaired. If you find that I have omitted or misused any "ALT" tags, please let me know.
     This paragraph does not begin with the words "this site."
     The Bulletin Board page uses Javascript to make those pop-up images of the flyers appear. If you have disabled Javascript, you will not be able to see the close-ups. (If too many people complain, I may rewrite the page, but I think it is more functional the way it is now.)
     Finally, "thank you" to:
  • David Mabo and the folks at Adaptix.
  • Dovie Gelerinter, who recommended hand-coding and later reminded me what the forward-slash is for.
  • Robert Crooks, for supplying the transparent GIF unseen on virtually every page of this site.
  • The Kollel, for letting me cut my teeth on this web site.
  • Miki Froikin, for directing me to Webmonkey.
  • The anonymous donors who gave the Kollel a Power Mac G5 in 2004.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Please let us know!

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